Please consider joining our broadcast-only Whatsapp group.

This will be the best source of latest information, as some events may be subject to change. Only admins can post to this, so the number of messages will be kept minimal as needed.

Meditation with Extinction Rebellion Buddhists

Daily | 6.30PM

Different locations at XR sites around London each day. Please check our Whatsapp group each day for information.

Mindful Peace Walk for Compassion to celebrate Thay’s Continuation

Friday 11 October | 10AM - 6PM

Trafalgar Square

Join Plum Village Practitioners to celebrate Thich Nhat Hanh's Birthday in Central London.

We intend to meet at Trafalgar Square at 10AM prior to commencing our mindful walking meditation for peace.

We will walk to sites held by Extinction Rebellion.

We will stop to offer mindful chanting at each location and pause for mindful lunch. Join us for all or part of the activities.

Your loving energy will be gratefully received.

To keep posted in case of any necessary changes to plan, and to track progress of locations, please join our broadcast-only Whatsapp group.


As well as our Whatsapp group, more information can be found here: Extinction Rebellion Buddhists Facebook group and Wake Up London Facebook page.

Thank you for being there and your support in our mindful and loving action.